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L'école des Femmes is created and owned by Laura Sfez, a Paris native raised between Paris and Los Angeles. Laura is heavily influenced by both French fashion; the essence of what a Femme is and/or should be; elegant, powerful, sleek, sexy and mature. Los Angeles on the other hand, fed Laura a very exciting Hollywood pop culture era and a somewhat obsession with film.

"I think in movies and I live for adventure and it’s poetry." Women lack fun in their day to day wardrobe. The aim of the clothing is to not only be evocative of familiar and classic female roles such as schoolgirls, secretaries, secret agents, and movie icons, but they should also be built to last a lifetime. The quality and sense of classic style are crucial to the designs.

The name L'école des Femmes merely references the concept of an army of female roles donned by women throughout the many eras of fashion. These often transport women back to familiar roles perhaps perceived once as degrading, but now all the more empowering as an affirmation of femininity and elegance. Every piece is designed to make a woman feel unique, fun, sexy and beautiful.